Not sure what kind of sod is right for your lawn? Take this short quiz and find out!

Before taking the quiz, consider the following: Is your installation project entirely new or is in an addition to an existing lawn? It can be difficult to take care of different types of sod within the same landscape without a natural barrier, such as a front yard vs a back yard or sidewalk divider, etc. The amount of herbicides and levels or nitrogen required may vary depending on the different types of sod you have.

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How fast do you expect your sod to establish once installed?
Sod establishment encompasses the period between planting and the point when the turf reaches a level of sufficiency in development and appearance that is reasonable.
What type of maintenance requirements do you expect your sod to have?
Maintenance incorporates the different actions you may have to take on your lawn to maintain its health and good appearance. This may include irrigation, mowing, nutrient management, weed management, etc.
How much shade (or lack thereof) does the space where you will be installing sod have?
Shade tolerance is an influential factor behind grass growth. Think about the shade conditions of the space where you will be installing sod and select them here.
How much wear/traffic do you expect your sod to experience?
Think about where the sod will be installed and the types of activities that will take place on it (e.g., you may be placing patio furniture or a grill on the grass. Also, the grass may be prone to high foot traffic, etc.)
What kind of texture would you like your sod to have?
Blade width determines the look and feel of grass. Fine-textured grass has narrow blades and coarser grass has wider blades.
What shade of green would you like your sod to have?
Different varieties of sod range from lighter and brighter shades of green to darker shades.
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