Puttting in a Backyard Putting Green

  •  Pick out the area of your yard where you want your green, choose an open area, keeping in mind the amount of sun and shade. A sunny spot works best.
  • Dig out your green usually about 6-8” deep plus additional width for fringe and rough.
  • Cover your area with landscape fabric to prevent future weeds from popping up
  • Fill with road gravel as a base for water drainage, top with fine gravel and level the surface as you go.
  • Using a post hole digger, make holes and place the cups.
  • Carefully place the Bermuda turf and secure the edges and seams with staples, then edge carefully.
  • Add fringe or rough with Centipede turf for short game practice and to mesh with remaining yard.
  • Cut out the cup holes from the turf. Water & enjoy!!